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LECO Industries, Inc.

is a Las Cruces New Mexico locally owned and operated company. We manufacture pre-cast concrete products and are located in Southern New Mexico and serve all of New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. We are also capable of serving other areas when the need arises.

Part of our production line includes utility vaults for all of your electrical and communication needs. We also pre-cast commercial grade grease interceptors, sand traps, sand oil interceptors, septic tanks and septic distribution boxes. We also produce grade rings (riser or extension). Many of the above are used for hotels, restaurants, carwashes, and or maintenance facilities located throughout New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. For the utilities aspect of the industry we pre-cast sewer manholes with concentric and eccentric cones. We also have on hand pre-cast manhole steps, adhesive sealers and all accessories. We did not forget about the residential needs. We pre-cast step, splash blocks, parking blocks, picnic tables and benches, trash receptacles as well as dog & cat bowls.

We also pre-cast a variety of other product a few examples are cone anchor bases, light pole bases, cigarette butt urns, headwalls, and barriers, Here at Leco we like to try and help with your special needs and we do some custom items. Leco Industries Inc, is proud to be a Las Cruces New Mexico locally owned and operated company and is here to serve the needs of our customers in New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona.

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